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The researchers at Creighton University in Omaha have discovered building hope for one pill to prevent many cancers, Vitamin D. This vitamin cuts the risk of several forms of cancers by 60 percent for older women in the most rigorous study yet. The study focused on 1,179 seemingly healthy women with an average of 67. This new research strengthens the case made by some specialists that Vitamin D may be the powerful cancer preventive and most people should get more of it. These findings are a breakthrough of great medical and public-health importance. Other supplements including Selenium or Vitamin E antioxidants are useful in the treatment of prostate cancer.

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Currently, obesity and related complications including heart disease, diabetes, high blood, cholesterol levels and cancer have reached epidemic proportions in America. Many experts are talking about the awareness of these dreaded diseases. The good news is, at Wellness Clinic USA, we are advocating the scientific breakthroughs for resolving the problems. "Doctor's Wellness and Survival guide" will motivate you to participate fully in your own health improvement. You have a total of 52 consecutive weeks to gradually get back in the best shape of your active life, one week at a time. You'll feel good, feel younger and stay perfectly healthy. We now live in an era empowering you to play active role in your health improvement. Take good care of your HEART and it will do likewise. It is absolutely important to adopt and practice five principles of healthy living. This good news is worth waiting for!

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These wellness programs are
specially formulated to teach you
how to listen to your own body for
optimum wellness.
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